Wednesday, February 24, 2010


All mom reading this blog would definitely agree that being a mom is not easy, especially when you are a first hand mom.There are a lot of things to do that sometimes you forgotten about yourself.You tend to put your hubby and your baby first than you.Even if you re tired already but still you find time to call your husband if he eaten his lunch already without you knowing you haven't had your 2 meals yet because your busy pampering your baby at home.My mom would always tells me to always find time for myself,that i also have my own life to take care.Every time my parents would visit us,my mom would always tells me,take good care of yourself so you can take good care of them 100%..Maybe my mom is definitely true.I have my life also to watch out .How can i served others if i wont served myself more..:-) I am happy of where i am right now,but i know i would be happier if i could weigh everything perfectly...Thanks mommmyyyyy!!!

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