Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Are there any parents who can resist to buy such cute dress,suits,shoes and accessories for their little ones?Guess no one,right?We parents want to give them the best and comfortable clothes for them.As a mom,its our pride too see our little ones be appreciated by others of how they were groomed.Its not necessary for us to buy branded clothes that would cost us a lot of bucks but how we pick clothes that looks good on them and that they are comfortable with it.Here are some of my fave picks:

Im one busy mom and that i sometimes go to the mall and shop clothes.Good thing our technology is fast growing that we don't have to go to the mall and shop.By just surfing the net,voila!!! there you can find anything and everything on the net..We mom's also are so fan of SALE Ayt..:-) who wouldn't? we can save money and that we can divert extra money to other things.

I found this site and everything are so adorable.They have different designs at any given season.Winter,spring,summer or fall,name it they have it. What admired me most is that all are so affordable .Si if i where you,why not dig it and start shopping.. :-)


  1. I Wish That You'll Be Good Parent...success!

    cause I'm Still Young and like to look best parent as you..
    God Bless Your little Family

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  2. @ Luthfi...I prayed also that i would be the best mom...Goodluck to you...thanx for droppin by :-)