Monday, February 22, 2010


Just last night it came across my mind of putting a new business.For the past weeks,i've been so bored at home that my nerve is kicking me as if telling me to do something different for this year.Though my mind was set to be a fully housewife and a mom to our little boy,but there's still a part of me that wanted something new.I prayed that God would enlightened me and tell me what business would i push through..Then just one night,as i was talking to my hubby,it just came across my mind of putting up a boutique since i love dressing up other people ( more than myself).I surf the net the input-outputs of he business.I researched everything from littlest details.I have my concept of my future boutique...hahaha :-) i am super excited about it but i still have to pray and meditate if this business is really good in this time now....xoxo

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