Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Usually Sunday's is a time to rest and spend time with your love ones.Some spend it swimming in the beach,malling or just simply just in the house cooking and watching dvd's or some favorite tv shows.We usually spend our Sunday with a mass and going to a mall and have dinner.It really excites me because i could spend the whole day with my husband and baby alone.Last Sunday,we went to mall,visit a church then have dinner at one of our favorite restaurant.

Our little kiddo has so much fun riding at one of his favorite toy car in the mall that he doesn't want to go anymore..

Done with our dinner..

My husband and i are a steak lover ,preferably well done.I ordered T-bone steak while my hubby ordered porter steak.For our little kiddo,hell just have his milk for now since he is still a baby and not yet advisable with grilled foods.


  1. hopping by! i love grilled stuffs too and that one just looks so yum-yum!!!

  2. @ Admin...yes indeed...grilled foods are totally yummy!!!!! but its not advisable to eat always...:-)