Saturday, April 17, 2010


My journey as a mom brings me so much joy and contentment.Its something that i couldn't trade with anything in this world.There are so many impossible moments that made possible and that neither in my wildest dreams i could ever done it.As a mother and my journey towards motherhood is full of surprises and as a mother you have to be very wise and should come up with new ideas and something brand new for your baby.Everyday is a struggle but with humility. Babies indeed are humorous in their own little way.They can make us laugh with just their actions minus words.They can twist our world with no hesitations and fears.In return,we have to give them the benefits and the love they deserved.
One thing that makes me happy and excites me everyday is when i prepare food for my little kiddo "sky".I make sure that i gave him the right food at his age.I could honestly say that im more of the naturals and organic than the ones we see in the groceries.Its safer and nutritious for the baby.I usually gave this foods to him,depends on the mood i am into.. ( ",)


1.) squash + potato+ carrots plus ground rice.

2.) beef + malunggay + broccoli.

3.) chicken + broccoli+ sayote.

4.) fish + malunggay + any vegetables.


1. avocado
2. banana
3. mango
4. apple
5. citrus
6. papaya
7. pear
8. strawberry

Lets just make sure that the food that we give to our babies are clean,fresh and safe.Let us all remember that they are still fragile and so sensitive...

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