Monday, December 14, 2009


Christmas Myspace Comments
Its Christmas time once again and its the time for giving,sharing,party,shopping and remembering the birth of Jesus.This Christmas is so especial for us since its our first Christmas with our baby Sky.I am so excited to decorate the house and put some lights on.Ive been window shopping on what to wear for our Christmas family picture and up until now i still cannot decide what to buy.We were supposed to spend Christmas in our native place but because of my sisters health issues,we decided to have it here Cagayan de oro instead.My siblings and i are planning to have a very especial party with lots of food and gifts and i am so excited for that day.On the 25th we will be going out of town until the 27th.

Here are some of my list:
  1. buy gift for hubby and baby
  2. buy gift for dad,mom and nephews
  3. suits to wear for family picture
  4. grocery for Noche Buena
  5. some goodies for relatives
  6. accessories for the dogs
  7. new furniture since its on SALE
  8. buy some stuff for the baby
and more.tik-tak-tik-tak !!!still thinking....!!! :-)( do i have enough budget?...)
Christmas is the time for sale also and this is a good time to buy things since you can get it on a lesser price.. :-) so what about you,whats on your list? :-)

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Friday, December 4, 2009


As a first time mom,all we want was to give the best and safest things for our baby.We want to make sure that all the things that we give and used for our babies are totally safe,emotionally and physically.The very first questions that comes to our minds are " Is this good? or Is this safe?".. One thing that confuses me is about using the pacifiers.Some said its not good and some says its good.As a mom,we have to make extra careful on what we are doing and giving to our babies since they are helpless little ones and that its only us parents that they depended on.I read and research about pacifiers and this is how i gathered.There are dvantages and disadvantages of using pacifiers.Let me discuss first the advantages:

  1. It will help the baby go to sleep
  2. It may soothe your baby if their fussy
  3. It will help reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome
  4. It can be thrown anytime or disposables
  1. It might cause ear infection
  2. Babies might depend n pacifier
  3. Long usage of pacifier may cause dental problems
  4. It can decrease mothers milk supply and can interfere breastfeeding success.
These are just few things that parents should think before giving pacifiers.Like me,i let my baby used pacifier when he was still a month old.I bought the one thats BPA-FREE,size suitable for his age,and a trusted brand.I make sure that its sterilized before giving it to him and i make sure that its clean and the cover should be closed if he's not using it.

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